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Generating Sales with Standing Orders

Generating Sales with Standing Orders

Do you often receive orders from organizations, businesses and individuals that must be filled week after week? If so, begin to utilize one of the newest Business Management System features, Standing Orders. Business Management System gives you the ability to create recurring standing orders to be setup once using a standing order template. The information within the standing order template is then used by the Business Management System to automatically create the order at a predetermined occurrence, with occurrence options of monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, daily, or even on a custom schedule.

Generating Sales with Standing Orders

Standing order templates are not orders; they are used to create orders. Each template contains the customer information, recipient information, product information, delivery information, and the card message. This information is than duplicated for each future recurring order in the series. The Business Management System checks for orders to be created automatically every morning based on the number of weeks out you want orders to print.

Simplify standing order creation by following these easy steps: Menu: My Shop > POS Management > Manage Standing Orders

To create a standing order, click 'Create Standing Order' on the Manage Standing Orders Page

Generating Sales with Standing Orders








The Standing Order Template page will then appear. At the top of the order, specify the occurrence of the standing order (how often the standing order should be created/generated). Standing orders can setup based on the following occurrences:

  • Specific

  • Dates

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Bi-Weekly

Generating Sales with Standing Orders








Once the occurrence is selected, simply select the start and end dates of the orders to be generated. Start date should be the day that the order is being placed (same day). The end date should be as far out as needed. For instance, if you want to create a standing order for each week for the year, the Start Date would be today's date and the end date would be 12/31/2017). An order for every week would be set to generate a set number of weeks ahead of the delivery date.


Generating Sales with Standing Orders







Once the occurrence is set, it is as simple as filling out an order as usual! A few items to note: Tax will not be calculated immediately. The tax is calculated for each order when it generates (1-4 weeks out based on system setup). This is done to ensure that the order is charged the appropriate tax rate if a shop happens to have a tax rate change during the standing order period. Credit Card and House Accounts are the only available payment type. If the order is set to credit card, the card will be processed when the order generates (1-4 weeks out based on system setup) When complete, click save and you will be redirected back to the Standing Order Management page. The recently created standing order should now appear in the list. By clicking 'Process' next to the recently created standing order you can immediately generate any orders based on the weeks out parameter.

Generating and Editing, SIMPLIFIED!

The Business Management System will check every morning to see if any orders need to be generated and printed. If there is an order that is now a week out, only the order that falls within that parameter will generate and print.

Generating Sales with Standing Orders








There are two type of order counts on a standing order:

  • Open Orders: These are orders that have generated and printed and appear in your appropriate buckets (blue arrow)

  • Orders Left: These are order that have NOT generated or printed and will generate based on the weeks out parameter (red arrow)

  • Edit Standing Order: You can also quickly edit a standing order by clicking on 'Edit' next to the appropriate standing order on the Manage Standing Orders Page (yellow arrow)

*Any edits that are made to a standing order will only reflect on orders that have NOT generated yet. (Number of orders indicated in the Orders Left column). Any Open orders that need to be edited can be done through the edit standard order process.

Quickly Review Generated Orders...

Want to review all generated orders that are associated to the Standing order? By simply clicking on 'Edit' next to the appropriate standing order on the Manage Standing Orders Page and then the 'Orders' tab you can quickly see and reference all generated orders. From here you can view:

  • Order Number (clicking on the order number will take you to the order to make changes)

  • Delivery Date

  • Order Status

Generating Sales with Standing Orders








Get Started TODAY!

Take a moment to setup the basic Standing order settings and start realizing the time saving benefits of Standing Order as well as reaping the financial benefits from recurring orders!

Menu: My Shop > POS Management > POS Settings

Standing Order weeks to Process in Advance:

Chose the number of weeks in advance the system will create and print order from Standing Order Templates. Current system default is 1 week.

Create Standing Order when a credit card fails?:

Specify if you would like to allow Standing Orders to process and create order with pending payments when a credit card fails or is declined.

  • If allowed, an order will generate on a declined card and have an open balance. It will be the responsibility of the shop to either cancel the order or reach out to the customer of payment.

  • If NOT allowed, an order WILL NOT generate on a declined card.