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Four References that will make your Website Attract Attention 

In this era of technology, a business without a good website is like having a floral arrangement without flowers. This is the reality that we are living today and need to be aware of it if the end goal is to make a business succeed. 

Word of mouth, exceptional service and products are still valuable up to this day. An exceptional website can drive customers to your business and get you noticed both online and on the street. 

One of the most commonly mentioned phrases regarding websites is search engine optimization or SEO. SEO refers to enhancing the visibility of a website within the results of a search engine. Google is an example, and it does not include any paid placement. SEO is an organic way of maximizing your website’s potential without spending a dime on advertising or placement. 

Your business’ website needs to appear at the top of search results when a possible client is searching for keywords related to your business services. SEO helps with that. Websites that have successfully utilized SEO to boost their placement in searches often appear closer to the top of search results. 

If your business is well known for selling international roses, those keywords should be utilized in your website. After you do that and someone searches for international roses, they will see your website pop up on the top page. Ranking well on search engines will make visitors find you and possibly contact you faster. However, that is only half the battle. You need to keep them on the page to keep “bounce rates” low. You don’t want your website visitor to bounce. A visitor that “bounces” is equivalent to a lost sale. 

Another important aspect of a website is design. Your design should complement your brand. Consider using specific colors, a logo, social media icons and pictures of your products or services. Refer to what makes your business unique and create a design that fits the criteria. Keep your design and branding consistent across all platforms. If someone searches for your shop on Facebook, they should easily be able to pick you out just by your logo! 

Remember that content and design go hand in hand. If the design is not appealing then the content loses worth. 

Another reference for a good website is its navigation. There is nothing worse than a complicated website. Make sure that your website builder is simple and easy to navigate. Do your best to arrange your info, services and products on labeled tabs, so it can be easily navigated. If the user gets frustrated with the layout, odds are they will be an addition to your website’s high bounce rate. 

Websites should be fast and mobile-friendly. Most people will be viewing your website on a mobile device, so keep this in mind. 

A strong, memorable domain name or web address is another way to simplify your website and attract more visitors. Obtain a domain name that matches your business name to enable clients and customers to easily locate you online. Keep in mind, a domain that is too long can make your business look less authentic. 

Refer to these references when updating or creating your business’ website. Not only will your website stand out, it will increase your shop’s growth.