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Four Different Services for FREE Website Analytics

The application of a tool is immediate when you know the capacity it has to provide you with insights and feedback about your business’ website performance. As you learned from last week, the potential web analytics has included all the strategies you can build from its reports to optimize your business’ website.   



Take note of these four different services for FREE web analytics. They offer the insight and feedback you have been looking for to improve your visitors’ website experience.   

1. Google Analytics 

Google Analytics is the most known platform for this type of service. The main reasons for its popularity and high use has to do with the fact that it’s totally FREE and comes with many built-in features.  

Once you apply the Google Analytics code into your website’s HTML, the service will calculate for which pages a visitor clicked on, how long they stayed on your website and the actions they took while they were on it. It also keeps track of the visitor’s count, demographics, used technology, sources of traffic, popular pages and more.  

This tool has the capability of telling you if the person who visited your website shared your content on social media platforms or if they clicked on one of your ads. The best part is that every movement a visitor makes is tracked and becomes a completed goal. Within moments, Google logs the conversion and creates the analytics report. 

Another useful part of Google Analytics is that it will report keywords people search for to get to your website. Also, it tracks the browsers and devices being used and from where they are being recommended.  

2. Bitly 

Bitly may be widely known as a link shortener, but it’s also a great source for web analytics. Plus, it is also FREE. It gives you the chance to share those shorten links and study their performance.  

For instance, Bitly will report the amount of clicks a link gets and at what time they were clicked on. The report will also acknowledge the platforms being used to share the specific link, so you get an idea whether the traffic is coming from Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other platform. 

3. Piwik 

Piwik’s is another FREE software that offers similar features to other known analytics programs which includes event tracking, visitor maps and keyword searches. You will need to download the program and host it through another server. One key difference from the rest is that it has a mobile app with unlimited data storage. Piwik also provides a setup of automatic email reports to view the current information of your content’s performance to optimize it.  

4. Open Web Analytics 

Open Web Analytics (OWA) is another FREE open-source software similar to Piwik. With this service, there is also no limitations on the amount of data you can save or the quantity of websites you can evaluate. Like other services, you can also track views, unique visits, referral sites and visitor locations. OWA will offer you the chance to evaluate the click-stream of every visitor and will tell where in your page they clicked on.  

Keep in mind, these four service alternatives serve for FREE web analytics. Soon you can begin obtaining insights that can bring new strategies to optimize your website performance.