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Focusing on the Details

Make photos and videos part of your social presence to highlight the intricacies of your floral artistry.

Social media can play a vital role in promoting your signature design style and enhancing your brand. With that said, it’s important to establish a design portfolio featuring quality photography and compelling video of your work – and then frequently update your portfolio to achieve a growing social presence. In addition, to complement your social sites, continually refresh your website content with your latest photos and videos.

To create photos and videos of your designs, you can set up your own photo “studio” relatively easily, utilizing natural indirect light and a clean backdrop. Your investment could also include portable backdrops, paper sweeps, painted wooden boards, poster boards in a variety of colors, a trusty tripod with smartphone attachment, and your smartphone.

Many of today’s phones are capable of taking very good pictures and video, however you may want to invest in a high-resolution camera phone or a powerhouse professional camera (I’m partial to Canon 5D Mark IV).

A good rule of thumb is to commit to photographing and/or creating video of at least a portion of each design you create. And keep in mind that the beauty is in the details! Not only will visitors to your social sites and website appreciate a macro focus on your work but they will likely enjoy seeing the design process – which can also underscore your design expertise.

What’s more, in capturing the beauty of your floral arrangements, tell a story! For instance, you could show some “behind the scenes” photos of advanced design techniques. If you’re creating a video you could speak to the camera and explain to your audience how and why certain design techniques make your work unique. Another option is to utilize “time lapse” to provide samples of your design technique and process.

Above all, be active with your posts. Yes, constant sharing of your work will take time, but it can certainly be well worth it in terms of engaging with customers and prospects…and building sales opportunities!