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Flowers to Use in Arrangements that Help Reduce Stress

Many people are finding themselves filled with stress and anxiety during this recent pandemic. You may even be one of those people. Luckily, there are natural remedies that can help. Natural remedies that are at your fingertips...literally.   

According to a 10-month long study conducted by Rutgers University; flowers are scientifically proven to have a positive effect on a person’s happiness.   

Studies show that flowers have an immediate effect on a person’s happiness. The reaction to receiving flowers is immediate and universal across all age groups! It is a positive effect that can last for days. The key to sharing this positive energy can be better dissected into the florals you choose. Draw out this joy with florals such as chrysanthemum and calendula, as they are well received.   

Flowers and plants not only have a long-term effect on happiness; they also help lower levels of anxiety, agitation and in some cases, depression. People have reported feeling a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction when flowers are near.   

With the uncertainly in recent times, creating arrangements that focus on mental well-being is just one opportunity to help your community. Create designs that incorporate stress, anxiety and depression relieving florals in your designs like lavender, jasmine and gerbera daisies.   

Studies also find that giving flowers and plants help build connections. As a florist, it’s important to build relationships with those in our communities. When flowers are given as gifts, it creates a positive relationship between all those involved. This will lead to an increase in gratitude, health and generosity in our customers and us. We all have to do our part.   

As we navigate how we can get through this recent pandemic, flowers are a powerful solution. Florists, we are at the forefront of this positive movement. Creating arrangements that are dedicated to mental health support will show your community how important flowers are. Be sure to share photos of your designs, as it may be exactly what your community needs in this hard time. Add something beautiful to help break up the oversaturation of social feeds.