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Flower Options for Untraditional Holidays

With Valentine’s Day behind us, Mother’s Day prep in full swing, but have you considered all the holidays in between? Even though these holidays aren’t traditional floral holidays, that doesn’t mean you can’t utilize them to your benefit. they still deserve to be celebrated! With these tips, you can make sales and market them too!

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras is typically celebrated towards the end of February, this year it’s on the 28th. This holiday celebrates the beginning of Christian Lent. Mardi Gras is often referred to as Fat Tuesday. The name is symbolic to the last day of indulging before people start fasting

When designing flower arrangements for Mardi Gras, use rich purples, bright yellows, and gorgeous greens. Some florals to consider are roses, solidago, sunflowers, calla lilies, irises, lavender daisies or snapdragons.

International Women’s Day

International Woman’s Day is celebrated as a focal point in the movement for women’s rights. The earliest International Women’s Day was celebrated in New York City on February 28, 1909. this year it will be on the 8th. This holiday has a rich history and it would be a perfect day so show all the women appreciation.

The official colors of International Women’s Day are green, purple and white. Use a combination of all three colors to create beautiful arrangements. Gardenias, carnations, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, anemones and blue-eyed grass are all good options.

St. Patrick’s Day

This holiday, along with all these mentioned, are great marketing opportunities. This holiday, along with all these mentioned, are great marketing opportunities. It is all about sending the luck of the Irish when sending St. Patrick’s Day flower arrangements. It is all how you package each message and deliver your product. When creating your design, consider traditional floral favorites and designs with bright colors!

Try incorporating shamrocks, the Irish symbol for luck, in your St. Patrick’s Day designs. An untraditional flower that would be great in your arrangements are the bells of Ireland Though they are native to Turkey, their green color and their bell shapes have become a symbol of luck!  Additionally, consider using daffodils in your designs, as they are a symbol for spring and are an Irish favorite.

We hope these tips will help spark inspiration for creativity in both your social media and floral designs. Which one of these untraditional floral holidays are you excited for?