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Florist Holiday Guide

As the holiday season approaches, we are reminded, especially during challenging times, of the importance of staying connected with loved ones.  

This time of year provides you the opportunity to help your customers convey their love to their families when they may otherwise couldn’t. 



Our team has gathered some holiday tips to help your business succeed this holiday season:  

  • Remember to stop up on any add-on products, such as chocolates, balloons, plush and greeting cards. Napco is your one-stop-shop for all your purchasing needs! Visit Napco’s website to stock up today! 

  • Don’t forget to replenish your everyday supplies & construction materials. 

  • Submit your Codified Inventory Updates to let us know what you have in stock. To update your inventory, visit BloomLink > Utilities > Forms > Inventory Update Sheet. 



Next, we have some Fast Facts that will come in handy when managing orders: 



We’ve also simplified things for you with this easy checklist:



To see the full list of information, visit our official Christmas Holiday Guide and stay tuned for our next blog to see more tips to help your shop succeed this upcoming holiday season!