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Floriology Now vs. Interactive Classes | What’s the Difference?

Floriology Institute wants to help the floral community stay connected during these uncertain times; that’s why they are introducing new, LIVE, interactive classes. With Floriology’s LIVE and interactive classes, you can learn advanced floral design techniques, share your arrangements with the class and interact LIVE for instructor feedback.  

These classes aren't to be confused with the courses held on the online learning platform, Floriology NOW.  

We have broken down the differences for you. 

Where are the classes taught? 

Floriology Interactive Classes 

Floriology's LIVE, interactive classes are held over Zoom to give you a realistic classroom setting, all from the comfort (and safety) of your home. When you register for a class, Floriology sends fresh flowers and hardgoods directly to your door!

Floriology has one and three-day class options. Instructors will cover floral design techniques specific to each topic. If you have internet and a table to work at, you can easily attend one of Floriology's LIVE, interactive classes!  

These are one-time classes, taught LIVE with feedback in real-time.  

Floriology NOW 

Floriology NOW's courses bring online learning to you anytime and anywhere. This online learning platform was built with you in mind. You can stream these courses, which are taught by AIFD® instructors, to grow your knowledge and your skillset. 

There are quizzes and chat rooms built in. These are prerecorded in HD with multiple camera angles, so you can see the design with ease. You can start and go as you please and can revisit the courses more than once. There is a wide array of possibilities.   

How do you interact with the class? 

Floriology Interactive Classes 

Since these classes are LIVE, you can share your design with the instructor and ask questions along the way!  

Due to the nature of LIVE classes, you will get feedback in real time. Simply turn on your webcam during class to share your design or speak up to ask any questions.  

Floriology NOW 

With Floriology Now, you must submit a question within the discussion board and wait for a response; however, with our interactive courses, you get feedback right away.  

Do you buy your supplies separately? 

Floriology Interactive Classes 


When you enroll in one Floriology's LIVE, interactive classes, all the flowers (2x) and hard goods are shipped directly to your door.  

You will receive enough flowers to create two arrangements. Since Floriology's LIVE classes focus on only one design, they provide you with the supplies.  

Floriology NOW 

With Floriology NOW, you don’t have to buy supplies in order to learn from our courses. Supplies are not included in your Floriology NOW subscription.  

Our first interactive class is LIVE on August 26, 2020. 

If you want to bring normalcy back and connect LIVE with the floral community, Floriology’s interactive courses are for you. Floriology Institute are excited to see YOU in class. Don’t forget to share your designs with us on instagram, @floriologyinstitute

Floriology's first-ever LIVE, interactive class takes place on August 26, 2020, at 5 p.m. EST. Join Sandy Schroeck, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, on Zoom for a LIVE lesson and feedback, and they'll ship the flowers and hard goods to your door. 

Learn more about Sandy’s “Fresh and Funky” course here or register now