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Floral Fantasy

Wanda Barcelona is a design firm in Spain that specializes in transforming spaces into “a one-of-a-kind world to fit your fantasy.”

And that is exactly what the firm’s designers Inti Velez Botero, Daniel Mancini, and Iris Joval did for Christian Dior, the iconic fashion label, in creating hanging floral designs made entirely of paper.

Their most recent collaboration, celebrating Dior’s 70th anniversary, was unveiled at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, where Wanda Barcelona artists covered the entire ceiling of the museum with striking arrangements of 40,000 hand-made paper flowers.

The “Les Invasions” arrangements are so intricate, they took almost three weeks to install. Every flower was folded and glued by hand. Artists cut more than 7,000 sheets of paper to create 4,500 roses, 4,500 clematises, 1,400 lilies of the valley, and 700 wisteria vines. “We study nature constantly, and we respectfully create our own interpretations in paper,” the Wanda Barcelona firm said.

The group has been working with Dior for more than six years and draws inspiration from the fashion designer’s legendary gardens. Those same gardens have also been a muse for Dior’s own work, including gowns and prints.

To learn more about the Musée des Arts Décoratifs exhibition going on in Paris through January 7, 2018, visit: