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Floral Design Tips for Cymbidium Orchids

Cymbidium orchids are long, flowing flowers with multiple buds. Usually wrapped in plastic and a soft covering, cymbidium orchids are great flowers to use in floral designs. You can even use the orchid’s covering in your arrangements. The soft fabric can be used as a cradle, while the plastic can be crumpled up, bound with some moss and used as an orb. Here are some tips on how to incorporate cymbidium orchids into your designs. 

If you plan on separating your orchids, be sure to start close to the bottom of the stem. If you start right away at the bloom, you can ruin any chances of using a long stem. However you end up using the flowers, be sure that the stem is put in a water source. You can use water tubes if you do not have foam. Try inserting the stem through the cap until the cap is all the way up to the bloom, then put it inside the tube. Forcing it in can destroy the bloom, so be careful. 

For taller arrangements, you can put them directly into the foam. Wherever you insert the bloom, slide the stem clearly into the foam. Grab it at the throat to apply pressure without damaging the product, so the orchids are secure and will hold in place. 

Cymbidium orchids are often used for parties. In that case, you don’t need a water source. The flowers have a life span of 3-4 days once cut from the stem. Any time you don’t use a water source, only leave enough stem, so you can attach the bloom. Before you hang the orchids, use cold glue to cover the wound. This will seal in the moisture. You can either attach the orchid to a stem or have it hang down. For the stem, press the bloom against it before removing it, so the glue becomes tacky. Press the flower to the stem again, and it should stick.  

When suspending the orchid, let the glue dry first. Once this is done, wrap the bouyon around the stem. Twist the bouyon to secure the orchid. Wrap the bouyon around whatever vine or stem you have before twisting it into itself. This will help stabilize the design. You now have movement in the arrangement. 

Cymbidium orchids can be attached to home flowers easily. It is recommended that you use a cross piercing. Use a small piece of wire and go through the stem horizontally. Then use another piece of wire and go through it in the opposite direction. One will bend down one way and the other will bend down the other way. You then must tape it town with floral tape. Be sure to twist the tape as you go, so the glue will take effect. The tape will keep the bloom securely in place and allow you to attach it to a design.  

To learn more about how to incorporate cymbidium orchids into floral designs, be sure to catch up on this week’s #DesignTime with Jackie Lacey AAF, AIFD®, CFD®, PFCI.