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Five Reasons Why Branded Email is Essential

An email account is one of the first moves an owner makes when opening a business. Emails are a fast, reliable and an accessible way to maintain direct communication with clients. A professional email shows the outside world that your company is professional and credible.

However, it takes much more than just any email account to be viewed as professional. A branded email address needs to be created.


What is a branded email address?

A branded email address is the same as any other email but with your brand and information built-in. For example, if your flower shop name is Lily’s Flowers then a good domain address would be The main goal is to have your brand name consistent on all your social accounts and platforms. This will help your customers know that they are dealing with a credible business, and your shop’s name will begin to get recognized.

Name recognition is just one plus. Branded email is essential, and here’s why.


1. The Right Impression

Create a new email account if your business has a generic one. Generic emails tend to convey inexperience. Branded emails let people know that your business is established and professional.


2. The Bigger Picture

Businesses’ branded email show a different sense of professionalism. It creates a more corporate image. If you are looking to promote your small flower shop, a generic email will be just fine. You want people to know that you are skilled at what you do, but it is important to send the appropriate message. A branded email can give that possibility.


3. Credibility and Trust

Let’s face it. Many clients aren’t comfortable opening some emails. If it doesn’t look legitimate, it could prevent communication. They fear hackers might steal their information in minutes. It’s different with a branded email. You are providing that client a more secure experience.


4. Affordable Price and Simplicity

Branded emails can be created in minutes and at a low cost. Use a domain name provider or web hosting company like G Suite ($5 monthly) and Zoho Workplace ($3 monthly). The costs can vary. Sometimes they are even free!


5. Advertisement

You are automatically advertising your business every time you send out a branded email. Advertisement comes in many forms.

The process of branding your email starts today. Put these five recommendations into practice and leave a professional and credible impression of your business. Your shop is never too small to begin building your brand and your vision.