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Fatsia Foliage

Fatsia foliage is a great resource for adding a unique look to your flower arrangements while decreasing cost. Designing with Fatsia foliage is simple, easy to use and cost effective. It is a great way to get that modern style without having to set aside too much time or money. Step out of your comfort zone and see how designing with Fatsia foliage can change up your designs. 

Modern looks are popular style for many occasions. Fatsia foliage comes in various sizes that are great to work with. Their shades of green and leaves’ veins add texture and depth. Choose a vase, take some time and experiment designing with Fatsia foliage. 

Add flowers for a more sophisticated look. Add any flower to the fatsia foliage for a beautiful look. Roses are always a great choice. Another plus to Fatsia foliage is they have a great shelf life. Lasting product means more profit. Profit means more customers.  

Join Jackie Lacey on this week’s #DesignTime on for a step-by-step design!