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Fall Merchandising

Fall Marketing Thoughts

Learn how to maximize your sales opportunities this fall, and into the holiday season!







For some of us florist, we have survived the slower summer season and are looking forward to ramping up our daily sales numbers during the fall season. Typically, October and November can be a cash flow challenge because your holiday products were shipped in during the summer and even with some extended payment terms, most shipments will have to be paid by December 1, 2017.

So, by maximizing your sales opportunities during the Fall Season will help with the cash flow challenges. As we covered in last week’s blog, football season, homecoming dances, Halloween and Thanksgiving presents some very good sales opportunities.



Fall Marketing Thoughts













Decorate your shop and Showcase Season Appropriate Products:

Try featuring a fresh fall arrangement in a fall container or maybe cornucopia in a small centerpiece try adding a candle or two to get your customers thinking about fall and even Thanksgiving. If you have not decorated the shop for fall, change out those summer colors for some warm oranges, yellows and bronzes. It is not too early to start hanging your Halloween decorations (black cats, witches and good pumpkins). As you bring out the Halloween decorations, be sure to take a quick look at those Christmas decorations and make sure they made it through the storage period. You will be using them in about 30 days.

Check Inventory:

Have you received all your Christmas containers, giftware and supplies? A common mistake is to receive your Christmas shipments, leave them in their boxes, then go to unpack them and find they are broken in the box. You now must request a credit and order a replacement. Getting a replacement late in the season may be a challenge, as more vendors tend to sell-out and will not be getting any new stock in.

Utilize Upcoming Events and Holidays:

Halloween, try to make it a fun time for both the shop employees and your customers as well. Try having a small shop event that includes the Halloween arrangements like, a build your own arrangement night or have the staff dress up in a theme every Friday. Be sure to update social media to make sure that your followers are in the loop.