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Facebook Posting Best Practices -- The Basics

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Facebook is the most popular social media platform — it has more than 2 billion active users! As a florist, you absolutely need to be using this platform to reach and, more importantly, to engage current and potential customers! The primary method is through Posts. We’ll spend the next few blog posts on providing you Post best practices. For this one, let’s focus on the posting strategy.

What, When, Where, and Why To Post

Photos, questions, and videos were the types of posts that were most likely to be shared. The best day of the week to post is on Sunday.

Get those videos up!

Video is the most shared Post type. Although you may have a YouTube channel with videos already uploaded, don’t be tempted to embed the YouTube video as a Facebook Post. Best practice is to upload the original video straight into Facebook. This will allow it to auto-play for people scrolling through their newsfeeds instead of displaying as a link, boosting engagement.

Don’t forget to caption your videos in the editing phase before uploading them. This is because many Facebook users scroll through their Newsfeeds at work or in other public places where they don’t want to have their phone volume on. Videos will almost always be viewed on mute, so if yours isn’t captioned and is audio-reliant, they’ll scroll on past.

However, videos don’t all have to be planned and edited to be useful. Take advantage of Facebook Live! Take customers on a tour of the shop. Showcase your specials, provide a design demonstration, share post-purchase care tips and more!

Link to blogs!

Have a healthy blog on your website? Posts sharing links resulted in more engagement if the links to the blog post were 1000-3000 words. We’ve talked about writing blogs before, but make sure your blogs are informative and worthwhile to read. Blogs that are about nothing or that don’t really say anything get immediate bounces from your website. A reader who looks at your blog for 1 second and clicks out of the window is not a reader who is captivated by your material and your shop, and they’re probably not going to end up returning to buy something. 

Keep your text short and sweet

Studies show that users engage more with Posts which were less than 50 characters! Twitter posts with their 140 character limit seem verbose in comparison. However, despite the recommended limit, don’t abbreviate or use acronyms — write out full words to make for an easier read.

Separate Instagram and Facebook efforts

Although we may be tempted to use Instagram’s handy feature to post simultaneous to Facebook, it’s best practice to post two original posts on each platform. Like with video, Posts with original photos provided better engagement than those posted via Instagram.

Check back next week as we provide you actual Posting basics (how to write, Facebook tag, hashtag and more).