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Everything You Need to Know About National Teddy Bear Day

Everything You Need to Know About National Teddy Bear Day

Teddy Bears are one of the few gifts that people still love gifting and receiving, no matter their age. It could be their undeniable ability to evoke nostalgic memories or their adorably fuzzy appearance and soft texture. There is no age restraint when it comes to adoring the concept that is a teddy bear.

Teddy bears date back to 1902. Their name derives from America’s 26th President Theodore Roosevelt’s refusal to shoot a bear cub while he was hunting in the state of Mississippi.

This event became national news and lead famous cartoonist, Clifford Berryman, to publish a cartoon of the incident in the Washington Post. Soon after, the cartoon sparked the creativity of a New York store owner, Morris Michtom.

Michtom wrote to the president to ask if he could name his new toy “Teddy Bear” after the president. The president accepted and from that day on, stuffed bears became known as teddy bears.

For years, these stuffed bears have been given to children and adults alike. Some gift them to share comfort; others gift them to express love and affection. Holding on to what seems to a be such a simple gift helps release tension and worry. Teddy bears are so widely loved that they had a day dedicated to them.

National Teddy Bear Day is September 9, and we are here to help you celebrate with the teddy bears you’ll want to have ready in your shop. National Teddy Bear Day is observed annually, but expressing the love for these stuffed animals is by no means limited to just one day.

These cute and cuddly add-ons should be ready to have delivered to their new home any day of the year. BloomNet offers a wide range of teddy bears in different sizes, colors and options, so your clients always have the option to make any day National Teddy Bear Day!

Stock your shelves and fill your customer’s hearts with teddy bears from Napco Imports and BloomNet’s selections!

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We wish you all a successful National Teddy Bear Day this September 9!