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Everything You Need for Grandparents Day

Grandparents are the backbone of a family, and it is only right they get a day to celebrate. This September 8th take advantage of the day by creating the perfect arrangements for your clients. Give them options, so they can shower their grandparents with love and show them how much they are appreciated. Although there are so many reasons why Grandparents Day made its mark on the calendar, it was finally signed into law by President Jimmy Carter as a national holiday in 1978! Grandparents Day is always the first Sunday in September after Labor Day, so the time to prepare is now!

Have your shop prepped and ready for the holiday ahead. These flower baskets and garden accessories are great bases to frame your Grandparents Day arrangements. Have your flower shop Grandparents Day ready with the right products and designs. Here are just a few options.





 1. Fern Double Bloomer

SKU: 13415

2. Verdigris Hanging Bird Bath

SKU: 13201

3. Large Square Planter with Saucer

SKU: 13409 

4. Home Is Where You Plant it Wall Sign

SKU: 12728