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Enhancing Your Contactless Deliveries

As the world adjusts to social distancing measures, it’s important to modify your current delivery practices. For now, contactless deliveries are the new norm.  

Many shops have decided to keep their doors open during this pandemic and are rolling out new initiatives to keep their business running. To help you make the needed adjusts, we have four tips to help you make a smooth transition.  

Shops that have chosen to remain open are limiting the number of people inside or are not letting them in at all. This is where creating curbside services will come into play. It allows customers to come by your shop to place and pick up orders while adhering to social distancing measures.  

When taking payment for these orders, it is best to only accept credit card payments. Cash is notorious for being covered in germs and bacteria and can also aid in the spread of diseases. Make sure employees are wearing gloves when taking credit cards and discard the gloves after each use.  

As florists across the country implement social distancing and additional cleaning procedures, it’s important to change deliveries practices as well. You do not want to leave employees vulnerable to cross-contamination from deliveries. You should be equipping your drivers with gloves and cleaning supplies, and your drivers should leave safe and sterilized stores to drop off all arrangements. Providing these supplies helps ensure that both drivers and customers will be safe after each delivery.   

To create a smooth transition into contactless deliveries, make sure you are calling customers before the arrangements leave the store. This will provide them an ETA and lets them confirm what they’re most comfortable with when receiving their arrangement. This will help build trust between the customers and drivers. Making assumptions may unknowingly put customers or drivers at risk.  

Incorporate new contactless practices to keep everyone involved in flower deliveries safe. Ask drivers to take a photo of all arrangements after they are dropped off, so they can send them to customers. This is extremely important. Sending a photo will be a confirmation of the delivery and will also record the condition of the design in which it was left. Customers will feel a sense of relief to know that everything has been taken care of safely and with little to no contact.   

As the floral industry is adapting to social distancing procedures, it is important to keep your employees and customers as safe as possible. Following these ideas will help your shop transition to contactless deliveries as soon as possible. For more updates on COVID-19's effects on the floral industry, watch Floriology Institute’s new weekly Facebook LIVE series, “Floriology Floral Update.”   

Catch “Floriology Floral Update” every Wednesday at 4 p.m. EST. on Floriology Institute’s Facebook page. It is an interactive conversation with florists from florists. We hope to see you there!