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Drive Clicks for Thanksgiving to Boost Web Sales

What's the quickest, most cost-effective strategy to build sales this upcoming Thanksgiving holiday? Search engine optimizing (SEO) your website to capture searches for "Thanksgiving, autumn, fall, flower, floral arrangements, bouquets." SEO will raise your website's rank for these searches, resulting in more clicks and thus more sales. We'll walk you through what you need to do.

Create a Thanksgiving Landing Page

You may be inclined to load your homepage full of these keywords but that’s not the best practice. Google ranks pages – even if they’re subpages, high in search if they are highly topical, thus relevant to their users. Most floral website platforms already have category-specific subpages for occasions and holidays such as Christmas, Fall, Winter, and so on. So enhance or create a Thanksgiving subpage.

Google recommends every landing page have a unique <title>, tag and <meta name=”description”> tag. Yes, this is HTML code, so get the web developer involved. These tags are what will actually appear in the search results! Here’s our recommendation for the tags of this landing page:

<title>Thanksgiving Flower Centerpieces, Bouquets & Gifts | Local Florist in [city, state]</title>

<meta name=”description” content=”[your shop name] provides same-day delivery for the perfect Thanksgiving flower arrangement or bouquet. Order today. Satisfaction guaranteed!

Add Relevant Keywords to Thanksgiving Landing Page

Let’s continue our SEO exercise with what you’ll be placing on the subpage users will see. Most floral pages are usually photo-heavy product pages with no text – real bad from an SEO perspective. Ask the web developer if you can place a <h1> tag and a paragraph <p> of text high on this landing page. Yes, this may push product photos down just a tad but people won’t see your products if they can’t find your page in the first place! Here’s our recommendation:

<h1>Same-Day Delivery for Thanksgiving Flower Arrangements & Gifts in [city, state]</h1>

<p>Call now to get advice from your local florist on providing the perfect Thanksgiving or Autumn gift. We provide a wide variety of floral gifts, balloons, plushes, and candy [list more items you sell] to enhance your holiday celebration.</p>

Watch for our next blog on how to ramp-up an Adwords campaign to further drive Thanksgiving sales.


mmRenato is BloomNet’s Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education. He is the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Society of American Florists (SAF) where he invested most his 20 years of industry experience helping floral businesses adopt and thrive leveraging technology trends such as social media, e-commerce, online advertising, shop automation and mobile. He is a frequent speaker at industry events sharing his expertise and latest technology, business and consumer trends that will