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Digital Strategy: Think Beyond Flowers

Valentines Day Digital Marketing

In one week, the biggest holiday for romance -- and for our industry, will arrive. Consumers will mostly likely be searching online for ideal gift choices for Valentine's Day. And this is precisely why as an industry, we need to start thinking differently in order to compete with other gift alternatives. How? By concluding flowers are NOT the first choice among consumers.

Traditional thinking would have us populate our websites and social media with keywords such as "flower delivery Valentine's Day," "same-day flower delivery, Valentine's Day," "Valentine's Day flowers," etc. Now consider the consumer who is looking for any gift for Valentine's Day -- and totally clueless that flowers would make the perfect gift! I know tough to believe but it's happening. What would they search for?

Keyword choices beyond flowers

Try these keywords: Valentine's gifts for her, gifts for him; Valentine's day gifts delivery, delivered; Valentine's Day gift ideas; Valentine's Day for my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/fiance; easy Valentine's Day gifts; Valentine's Day gifts and presents near me; and Perfect Valentine's Day present/gift.

As you may have noticed. The operative word rather than flowers in these keywords is "gift(s)," among other strong keywords such as "ideas," "near me/by" (to capture mobile shoppers out and about) and "wife/husband/boyfriend etc. These are the words you'll need to ADD to your traditional "flower"-based keyword set.

Populate your website

Next question is how and where to you use these keywords? Digital marketing always starts with your website. Be sure you've created a specific landing page for Valentine's Day -- confirm it has it's own vanity URL such as Work with your developer to create a <title> tag that says: Valentine's Day Gifts and Flowers | city, state | Same-Day Delivery. The <title> tag is the first line which appears in the organic search result.

Write a <meta name="description"> tag which touts Flowers as "perfect Valentine's gift" for your wife, husband, boyfriend and girlfriend. This description are the two lines that appear under the <title> so keep it short and sweet at 160 characters.

Now, include as many of these keywords in the on-page text that would appear on your Valentine's Day subpage. Start with a strong headline tag <h1> such as "Valentine's Day Gifts and Flowers, Same-Day Delivery." The text below this headline should support this statement. "Want ideas for the perfect Valentine's Day present? Think flowers! We offer same-day Valentine's Day gift delivery of beautiful flowers in city, state."

Keyword strategy in social media

For social, consider #hashtagging these keywords in posts. So using our example of the on-page text above, it would appear like this in Facebook or Instagram: Want ideas for the #perfect #ValentinesDay present? Think #flowers! We offer same-day Valentine's Day #gift #delivery of beautiful flowers in city, state."