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Curly Willow Armature

Spice up your flower arrangements with curly willow armatures. They give new look to any piece. A new look pulls customers in. New styles mean more profit for the shop. Experiment with new style and see what you can do. 

Modern style is popular. Curly willow armatures help give off a modern look. They help allow for a simplistic look, good flow and curve. Incorporate natural material for a beautiful transition into a unique look. 

Curly willow armatures are great for bouquets. Use curly willow armatures together to give a nice touch to a modern look. Curly willow armatures have a simple look for open a wide range of opportunity to a design. Add color to give that fresh and new look every customer is looking for. 

Make sure those armatures are secured together. Build out and use horizontal pieces to secure them. Bind them to keep them together. Remember to take your time and make it right. You’ll see those curly willow armatures give you opportunity to raise profit. 

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