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Creating a Memorable Customer Experience

In today’s market, the majority of purchasers are looking for more than just the purchase. They want an “Experience.” This trend is affecting the consumer marketplace in a huge way...including retail, restaurants, sports and many other markets.

The idea is, if it can be purchased, there needs to be an experience attached to it. For retail flower shop customers this can mean more than a DIY project – and rather a “I want to really enjoy this activity and engrain it in my memory.”

Of course, it can still be challenging to get purchasers into our shop, studio or retail location. In today’s world of verbal commands to purchase this or that, there’s a perception of inconvenience to actually have to walk into a brick and mortar location to make a purchase when you can easily order something online or via voice command. This presents an even greater reason to create a memorable in-store experience such as a design challenge, “plant doctor” class, decorating event, or one of many other exciting floral event offerings.

It’s a good idea to create a series of classes for the major holidays, seasons or topics. Keep the classes small and manageable and make sure to be prepared. You will want to have other options available in your shop as add-on sales and for impulse purchases. Make sure to provide a simple, affordable option for the class and then also have an upgraded option that can show how to expand what you are you the opportunity to increase your sale. Remember too that today’s generation wants the experience but also wants the convenience.

Above all, make it simple, fun and an occasion people will remember – which can generate increased revenue possibilities right away while also helping to assure that your name and brand will be posted, shared and talked about so your reach goes well beyond the event.

Shown here is an easy step-by-step design for an in-store floral instruction class that can help you create your own “Experience Zone” in your shop. Remember to market the class to the masses by using social, video, text and limited print. Also reach out to your connections in the community at churches, clubs and colleges for groups you can concentrate your marketing toward. If you can get people into your shop, you can not only generate immediate sales but also get your name on their minds for future business!