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Conquering the Challenges of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is composed of many complex, moving parts. Think of the challenges of understanding and adopting search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), online review management, confirming your business information is accurate across the Internet and consistently creating content about your businessinto your marketing plan! It can get overwhelming very quickly.

We’ve already tackled a few of these topics in recent issues of floriology magazine and online webinars where we shared strategies and best practices to help you handle these challenges on your own. And we will continue to do so. However, we also understand this takes time and resources.

This is why Floriology is rolling out a new program called Floriology Digital Marketing Services. Let’s dive into why we are in a great position to assist you.

Why are we in a great position to help you?

  • We know technology. Technology is wonderful when it’s familiar and you are comfortable using it. Unfortunately, technology is ever-changing so it’s tough for flower shops to keep up. We stay on top of innovation on your behalf, determine its relevance to your business and help you leverage it. We live and breathe this stuff (so you don’t have to)!

  • We know the flower business. Plenty of companies offer similar marketing services, but they manage lots of clients that are not florists. Thus, they take a generic approach. Our focus is just to help florists, so we dial in solutions customized for the business.

  • We will continue to educate. Although we do the heavy lifting managing your web marketing for you, we reach out on a regular basis and explain, in simple terms, how these strategies impact your business and highlight areas in which you could further grow. We support this journey through exclusive webinars, livestreams and more in-depth consultation.

Tell me about the program!

Right now, Floriology Digital Marketing Services will only be available to BloomNet network florists using the Commerce web platform. For $499 per month, a Floriology Digital Marketing Expert will call you monthly to review the following key areas of digital marketing and perform the work on your behalf:


  • SEO. This is the core strategy. The other marketing services we’ll discuss enhance this core service. Our Expert reviews monthly Google Analytics reports with you and proposes SEO tweaks to start building traffic – and clicks –  to your website. Once changes are confirmed, we perform this work on your Commerce website. We’ll also tweak prior to holidays to maximize exposure.

  • SEM. Since we know all your local information and business strengths through the SEO work, we can develop custom Adwords campaigns to maximize local traffic and ad clicks from search results. Once campaigns are created, we manage them, report progress and tweak them as necessary to improve ROI. We can also manage Bing and Facebook Ads if you opt to expand your online ad presence.

  • Content. On our initial call on content, we provide guidance on how to install a simple process you and your staff can follow to consistently develop blog topics, write the blogs and repurpose this content for social. On subsequent calls, we check on this process and add content from our exclusive content calendar so you’ll have a good mixture of posts for customers.

  • Reviews. Customers rely on reviews to gain confidence before they purchase. As part of this service, we install a system that automates the collection of positive reviews and allows you to convince negative reviewers to post positive reviews. We monitor reviews for you, flag submissions which need your attention and advise you on how to respond.

Rather not pay a monthly fee? You can alternatively fund this program which includes all services mentioned and full management of your entire online store for just 20 percent per order, excluding credit card processing. Our aim is to offer a solution that fits your business since we know how critical digital marketing is to a shop’s success in this new marketplace.  


By Renato Cruz Sogueco, BloomNet Vice President of Digital Strategy and Education