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Congressional Action Days

Each year, the Society of American Florists (SAF) asks retail flower shop owners, floral designers, wholesalers, suppliers, growers and other professionals throughout the industry to make their voices heard on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C., during SAF’s annual Congressional Action Days (CAD). This year, the 39th edition of CAD takes place March 11-12 and SAF has urged industry members to “Make Your Business the Hill’s Business.”

During last year’s Congressional Action Days, SAF members successfully lobbied lawmakers to increase floriculture and nursery research initiative funding by $1 million. Also successfully lobbied during CAD 2018 was reinstatement of the Floriculture Crops 2018 Summary report, and, the inclusion of language in the Farm Bill to protect floriculture innovators.

In a news release, SAF stated that during Congressional Action Days 2019 “floral industry professionals will present four main ‘asks’ to lawmakers: stop a drastic minimum wage increase that will harm small business and threaten jobs; ensure adequate labor is available to the floricultural industry; continue support for essential research; and maintain essential government statistical reporting on the industry.”

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