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Competitive Juices by Evan Grossman

Vic Castillo, AIFD ®, CFD, loves a challenge

Vic Castillo, AIFD, CFD, became interested in flowers at a young age. At first, he says he loved being surrounded by their bright, vibrant colors, but he eventually learned to appreciate planting and found joy in taking care of many different varieties of blooms. “I enjoyed being the reason such delicate creatures could be alive,” he says.

While he gave flowers life, they gave Vic his livelihood. He came to the United States from his native Peru approximately 20 years ago and learned a new craft in a new culture. Despite the challenges of leaving home for a  foreign country, he says his Latin heritage has always been a blessing, influencing his work and helping him to put a unique spin on his designs.

“It took a lot of perseverance, patience, and looking at the bright side,” Vic says of his journey. “I had to understand the principles and elements of floral design in order to express them in my work. To do so, I just kept pushing myself until I did it.”

Vic continues to push himself in different ways – including entering as many design competitions as he can, attending floral events throughout the year, and looking to further his education.

“I have many reasons for taking part in competitions,” he states. “For one, they help me grow because I discover new trends, learn new techniques, and how to execute my designs faster. Managing time is a very important

skill to have as a floral designer, and competitions help me build this skill. Another reason is that

they help me connect with new floral designers and keep up with my old friends. Finally, they keep my mind fresh as I push my creative limits.”

Always looking to grow as a professional designer, Vic is a regular at industry events – where he networks,  meets other designers and looks for new ideas and inspirations.

“Events give me a chance to meet new floral designers with their own unique styles and interpretations of what it means to design flowers,” he says. “It is an honor to make friends with talented designers from all over the world and gain inspiration from them. I have also noticed that after every floral event, I come back to work with new skills and updates on the latest trends...and of course better techniques.”

Vic is passionate about flowers and his growth as a designer, and he’s just as energetic when it comes to inspiring others to follow a similar path.

“I encourage other Latin designers to pursue their goals by not giving up,” Vic says. “The best advice that I can give them is to believe in themselves and their ability to overcome any obstacle that may come their way. There will be many hurdles to jump over and this may discourage them, but after each hurdle, their skill level will increase,” he states.

“A good designer,” Vic concludes, “will keep up with new trends and techniques, and will learn something new every day.”


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