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Checking In After Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Irma



If you’ve been following the news lately you know that this year has been one of the most active hurricane seasons North America has ever had. This year we have seen more hurricanes than usual make landfall including the most recent hurricane to hit Florida, Hurricane Irma. This very powerful Hurricane threatened Florida with a Category 4 force that ravaged parts of the Caribbean and southern Florida. Residents experienced flooding, wind damage, and electrical outages over the span of days, for some weeks. Here at Floriology we had to close our doors to allow employees the chance to evacuate and prep for the incoming storm. Fatalities were minimal here in Florida, the aftermath of this storm however reached far and wide.

Jackie Lacey our Director of Education, and Renato Sogueco our VP of Digital Marketing were fortunate to be able to spend 3 days visiting shops along the southern peninsula while other teams visited shops all throughout Florida, checking in on these shops and seeing business owners working hard to get their business back on track. There was a wide array of damage, some shops lost everything like inventory and experienced structural damage from water  as well as wind, while others reported little to no damage, and were able to do what they could to help their local communities. Jackie and Renato heard many stories of shops doing what they could to help the community in this time of need like Jackie at The Hotel Tea room and Flower corner in Davenport, Florida who served over 1500 hot meals to people in her community, she also organized a food trade once she received power. This allowed people who lost power and knew the food in their refrigerators would spoil to bring those items to the stores large floral fridge, she was then able to cook that food and give it to people in need or give milk to families with children. There were so many stories of people doing lending a hand to help neighbors in their time of need, that inspired us with their acts of selfless generosity. Please check out the photos from our trip on our Facebook page, and if you are interested in helping shops rebuild please visit the AIFD Foundation for donations!