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Change is Scary…But It’s Worth It!

I remember a few years back I had made the decision to try a MAC computer. I had used one years earlier, but never felt comfortable with it. The experience was different and unfamiliar, so I just didn’t like it. On this second go around, I committed to myself that no matter how painful it was, I needed to give myself 3 months before abandoning the effort. Why? I figured I had used a windows-based PC for more than 20 years, and couldn’t expect change to come about quickly. I needed to give it a chance.

I mention this story because my experience in working with florists and their adoption of technology is not dissimilar to my switch to a MAC. Whether it’s new technology or switching to a new point of sale system after 10 or 15 years, change is scary and sometimes painful. What’s interesting is that pain points are usually not with the technology or user experience, but rather our comfort zone. For instance, the MAC I was switching to had all the same functional capabilities that I needed, and even some more that have made my life easier. However, my perspective and habits initially prevented me from seeing the real benefits behind the change. I convinced myself that I couldn’t use it before I even started.

Florists operate in a very interesting space. At your core, you are most likely a highly creative individual, which is where your design inspiration comes from. I would expect technology usually is not second nature. You want it to come easily, but it doesn’t, and at times it can seem like it takes too much effort. And of course, when push comes to shove, designing and delivering arrangements to your customers takes priority.

Plotting a new course can be scary.Perhaps we have a sense as to why adopting new technology is difficult. But change is never easy! What are you missing out on? Could your business operate more smoothly? Realize higher sales? Reduced cost?  The only people who can answer that question as it relates to your business are you and your staff.

As we enter the summer months with the major floral holidays and prom season winding down, what a perfect time to step back and try something new for your business. This time of year affords you the opportunity to experiment and maybe even struggle or fail! Yes, it’s ok to fail. I would suggest that if you are trying something new that may impact your customers, that you have a backup plan to ensure they are not adversely affected.

  My switch to a MAC took all of 3 months before I was as proficient as I was on my PC. I gave it a chance, and I can honestly say I will never go back. In what areas of your business can you try something new this Summer...something that can bring important benefits?  Technology is a great place to start, considering how the right technology can, for example, enhance your delivery capabilities, boost your operational efficiencies, and improve your profitability. Not sure where to start?  Reach out to us; we’re here to help.

Not sure where to start? Reach out to us, we’re here to help. For info, call 1-800-BloomNet (1-800-256-6663), email or chat at


By Marc Grzeskowiak, BloomNet Vice President of Technology