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Certification, Competition…Success!

On June 9-11, Floriology Institute will present its 3-day “Certification & Competition” course, a great opportunity to take your designs and career to the next level.

As most floral designers know, much of the time spent at the design table involves bits and pieces of on-the-job training. Although highly talented and artistic, many designers do not have the advantage of someone telling them where their skill level actually is or what they can do to improve their skills.

In addition, designers see others creating arrangements in competitions, winning prize money and earning industry recognition… however many of those designers do not know if they have what it takes to try competitive designing themselves.

The “Certification & Completion” course at Floriology Institute revisits the elements and principles of design and also highlights what evaluators look for when judging for competitions and certification.

Speaking of certification, did you know that those who participate in the Professional Floral Design Evaluation (PFDE) after taking at least one prep course and working with at least one mentor are 85 percent more likely to have a successful outcome?

With the new CFD program that AIFD endorses, you can participate and achieve your National CFD designation through the Floriology Institute. The “Certification & Competition” course agenda duplicates the PFDE design evaluation with AIFD-certified instructors to dissect your designs and provide feedback on what needs work and how to better prepare for any competition and certification.