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Celebrating The Power of GREEN

Nourish souls and surroundings with flourishing plants

Adding long-lasting houseplants into corporate settings continues to be a trend that is growing in popularity. This stylish trend works in just about every interior space, no matter its size or design style. Using plants as an interior design element can also bring added health benefits, such as improving air quality in an office (or home) and providing a sense of calm.

It’s easy to see why indoor plants are so popular in corporate offices and meeting venues, as well as homes. Plants have long been prized for their aesthetic effects and ability to complement many different styles of décor…while adding a bit of extra oxygen to the air. Plants also keep air temperatures down, increase humidity, and reduce levels of airborne dust.

Succulents started the green houseplant movement with these easy-care plants adding texture and interest into a wide array of environments. Tillandsia was the next plant choice embraced by the masses. Emerging trends include the Sansevieria, Aloe Vera and Cryptanthus families of plants (shown on these pages) that are now rising up to have their moments to shine.

Working with your customers to help them add plants into their decorating schemes can truly showcase how beautiful, individual, creative and artistic green living can be.