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Capture More Funeral Business with Google Adwords

Capture More Funeral Business

We discussed the opportunity now and into the future of more funeral business as a verified trend and what you can do to capture more of this business through better search engine optimization of your website. For this blog, we talk about how you can completely dominate all searches for funeral flowers in your area by employing an additional strategy: search engine marketing (SEM), through Google Adwords.

Why SEM and Adwords?

It was no accident we shared with you the importance of having a SEO-friendly funeral page on your website prior to talking about SEM. SEM is a strategy that complements SEO. However, if you've ever conducted a search on anything, what's the first thing you notice? Ads of course, which are prominently displayed at the top of the search results.

You may dismiss this opportunity thinking people prefer organic listings which is still true. Google shares 6-10 percent click on their ads but consider you will have now have a chance to capture those clicks and be a local option for searchers compared to national advertisers you can count on advertising in this space.

Also, even with searchers who bypass ads, they'll see you in the Ad space in addition to organic listings which will reinforce your brand and their confidence that you are a local business. We focus on Adwords because this service dominates more than 90 percent of the search market -- both on desktop and mobile. If you do opt for Bing Ads, Bing makes it easy to import Adwords campaigns to instantly create replica ads on this search engine.

Tips for your Adwords Ad

Adwords is complex to use so we'd suggest if you are totally new to the platform, you start with basic ads to drive generic searches like "florist, flowers, same-day, delivery, city, state," to your website, get familiar with using the platform, then expand ads campaigns into the funeral space and/or other segments you want to grow like weddings and events.

As you would do in your basic ad, be sure to set your location (Settings > Locations) so Ads ONLY appear in your delivery areas. We suggest punching in zip codes and cities. When you write up your ad, you'll find Google restricts the number of characters. Check out the following as an example:

Adwords funeral ad sample




Suggested Keywords for Ads

The most critical component for this business segment specific Adwords campaigns are the keywords. Following is a list of suggested keywords from Google's Keyword Planner tool that you should consider using:


[standing flowers]

[appropriate flowers for funeral]

[encino funeral flowers]

[bereavement flowers]

[funeral flower delivery]

[funeral flowers delivery]

[sympathy plant arrangements]

[sympathy standing spray]

[funeral sprays]

[funeral flower delivery in encino]

[funnel flowers]

[flower wreath funeral]

[free delivery]

[sympathy florist]

[funeral tributes]

[funeral flowers online]

[plants to send for sympathy]

[casket flowers]

[flowers funeral home]

[sympathy arrangements for the home]

[funeral flowers near me]

[funeral in encino]

[burial flowers]

[delivery sympathy gifts]

[coffin flower sprays]

[funerals encino]

[burial flowers]

[funeral flowers encino]

[sympathy flowers]

[sympathy flowers baskets]

[sympathy bouquets]

[sympathy baskets same day delivery]

[sympathy flowers]

[funeral flower delivery encino]

[sympathy delivery]

[sympathy plants]

[funeral florist]

[funeral flower arrangements]

[sympathy wreaths]

[funeral flowers]

[funerals in encino]

[sympathy baskets]

[send funeral flowers]

[same day sympathy gifts]

[memorial flowers]

[sympathy roses]