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Build Your Brand Through Video

More than 8 billion videos are watched on Facebook – every day; and 5 billion a day on YouTube! Video is a powerful marketing media to capture eyeballs and build your brand.

Resolution: Capture more video to use on your website and social media. To start, use the same gmail address you created for Google Photos to start your YouTube channel. No need for an expensive video camera, again, use your smartphone! Practice the art of taking single take, one and done videos of 30 seconds to a minute. The only edits you’ll need to perform are at the beginning and of the video.

Need ideas? Give a tour of your shop, talk about your daily specials, share care and handling information or broadcast a design demonstration. Whatever you do, engage or educate the customer to you and your brand.

Every video you capture, upload it to YouTube and Post it to Facebook. When you feel you are polished, take it live! Both YouTube and Facebook can broadcast live Video but your best bet is use Facebook Live first as you’ll have immediate audience of Facebook users.