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The Art of 


Stylish designs need not be expensive and complex 


High-style arrangements have always been an art form for me...not necessarily complex, not necessarily built with expensive flowers, and not necessarily in luxurious vases. High-style arrangements can be minimal, clean, artistic and cost-effective. They can be built with small containers, a few stems of flowers and everyday greens and foliage.  

1, 2) With a sufficient budget on hand, we can all create a luxurious art piece. However, many times we are bound by a relatively small budget. To overcome that challenge, try what I call “Grouping Synergy.” This involves simply grouping very similar or same vases together, putting the concentration and emphasis on the harmony between vases and the flowers. Fill in a stem or two of your primary flowers...such as roses, orchids or pair with some everyday greens and vines to provide a clean, yet sophisticated look. 

3, 4) High-style arrangements also work well in small containers. Try pairing exquisite small vases with vascular plants, such as the equisetum, along with minimal greens and a few stems of gorgeous flowers...all purposely cut in different heights to give the design added structural character. Or, combine tall flowers and greens with a short vase to generate stylish contrast in an impressive way.  

5, 6) Tropical flowers are another popular choice in high-style arrangements, where the vibrant color stands out as a focal point of the overall design. Be careful not to jam-pack too many different tropicals in different colors into one design. Why not combine a few of your favorite colors in similar tones in a geometric vase, and add the tropicals in the same geometric manner? This will no-doubt create a breathtaking, elegant and clean high-style arrangement.