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Bright is Right

It’s all about vivid colors this year. Bridal trends for spring 2020 will include plenty of lively tones and bunches of bold, vibrant flowers, according to Sarah Campbell, a wedding expert, social influencer and the owner and lead designer of Intrigue Designs.

“The classic off-white and greenery look will never go out of style, but our eyes are in for a surprise this year as brilliant colors pop up in traditionally pastel places,” Sarah says. “Many farmers and growers have begun producing flower favorites in bright, beautiful colors, as well as supplementing with color enhancing through dyes and paints. Get ready because spring is going to be bright!”

In addition to new and exciting colors, Sarah, who boasts more than 142K Instagram followers, says to be ready for greater numbers of wedding-educated clients seeking something more than a monochromatic affair.

“Rather than look to me as the designer to guide accent colors, these couples have done extensive research and come to me with pre-decided color charts and design inspiration,” Sarah marvels.

“They know what they like and are confident in their decisions. This confidence is a fun change from years past but also creates a new challenge. Given the level of education the clients have, they are invested in their flowers and want to see the flowers arrive exactly as they appear on their inspiration. Given this challenge, I recommend that everyone take the time to educate clients on the subtle changes that can take place when it comes to color and availability based on weather patterns and seasonal growing schedules.”

Sarah adds: “Dried flowers are another big request. Clients are eager to see dried palms, pods, grasses and other preserved products paired with fresh blooms in everything from bouquets and boutonnieres to centerpieces and installations.”

In addition, installations continue to trend toward bigger, more “jaw-dropping” arrangements and “over-the-top ceremony backdrops,” mentions Sarah, whose work has appeared on television as well as Style Me Pretty, The Knot and the Washingtonian. “This year will be all about installations and BIG statement pieces!”

The colors will keep getting brighter, the arrangements will continue to grow, and wedding flowers will keep evolving through this spring and into the future, Sarah predicts. She also sees a movement to marry classic designs with more modern ideas, making way for an exciting future in flowers.

“I think the intertwining of the two will continue to merge through 2021 and create a new, distinct and jaw-dropping design style” Sarah states. “Installations will continue to be at the forefront of couples’ minds when planning their décor, but, in 2021 we will see an increase in whimsy with large-scale structures that will bring flowers to life. This new direction will require a more advanced skill set as couples will be looking for more than just masses of flowers. Who knows where the clients’ and the designers’ creativity will land?” sums up Sarah.

For more of Sarah’s designs and insights, follow @intrigue_designs on Instagram.