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Botanical Living

Exciting new springtime looks for home and patio

Spring is the perfect time for inspiring new design possibilities. “Botanical Living” is an everyday line of Napco home and patio vases and planters that embrace the trending colors and icons of the botanical lifestyle. Shown on these pages are some selected design ideas from the creative experts at Floriology Institute, featuring this latest line of Napco innovations.

Small Planter with Leaf Deco - Concrete


Small Planter with Leaf Deco - Concrete

Napco 21981

By tailoring monstera leaves, depth and interest are added to this vertical design. The arrangement utilizes minimal product to keep the cost low but achieves a dynamic perceived value through the use of sheltering.


Galvanized VW Bus Planter - Metal

Galvanized VW Bus Planter - Metal

Napco 12560

Whether sending a fun and unexpected dish garden or a whimsy gift basket, this VW bus planter is the perfect base.


Glossy White/Stone Planter - Ceramic Glossy White/Stone Planter - Ceramic

Napco 12598

This arrangement, full of texture and interest, is created by deconstructing multiple Casablanca lilies and reassembling, using cold glue, into a composite flower.


Fern Decal Vase - Ceramic Fern Decal Vase - Ceramic

Napco 21924

A simple monochromatic design creates harmony in this arrangement. By not overpowering the container with multiple colors, the decal shows more prominently. An accent of flat cane adds interest and another hint of green.

White Electroplated Splatter Planter - Ceramic

White Electroplated Splatter Planter - Ceramic

Napco 21946

The metallic shine of this container is replicated in the fresh material by spraying aspidistra leaves gold.



The design inspirations shown on these pages were created by Anthony Swick, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, and Jackie Lacey, AIFD, CFD, PFCI.