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BMS Post Holiday Cleanup

Review POS

Review Your POS Settings

Menu Path: 

My Shop > POS Management > POS Settings

Over the past year, our BMS platform has seen a number of updates to allow further customization on a per florist bases, allowing you to tailor BMS as you see fit. 

Take a moment to look at the POS settings that are at your disposal and make changes through the menu path listed above. Did you know that you can configure list counts, customer list formats, bucket defaults and more? All these settings can be changed based on your needs.

Now that the busy season is over, it is the best time to implement changes that will improve many of your daily processes and focus on improving daily processes and obstacles that you many have faced during the holiday.


Review POS




Update and Clear Outstanding Messages

Menu Path: Status Bar > Messages

Often, messages can build up if they are not marked as read. These crowd the messages bucket and, as a result, can make it difficult to identify if a new message has arrived. By managing this bucket and clearing out messages as they arise you will have a better view into new messages as they are received.

  1. BloomNet messages will appear in the 'Messages' status bucket at the top of the screen. To view your messages, click on the Messages bucket.  The initial view is for All Unread Inbound Messages.  Use the drop down to select one of the other options (View All Inbound Messages, View All Outbound Messages, or View All Messages).  Two date filters will appear, allowing you to choose a date range for displaying the messages you want to view.  Change either the Start Date or the End Date, and the list will be updated with the change once your mouse leaves that field.  You also have the ability to Show General Messages or not, using the checkbox at the top of the page.
  2. Once the message has been read click 'Mark Read'. This will remove the message from the unread inbound messages list and subtract it from the number in the 'Messages' status bucket.
  3. To select multiple messages to mark as read, select the checkbox to the left of the message and hit the green 'Mark Selected Messages as Read' button on the upper left.
  4. For messages on orders, you can click on the Order ID provided to go into the Order Overview and see the message in context of the order and any other messages at the bottom of the page.



Review POS





Update and Clear Pending Wire Out Orders

Menu Path:  Status Bar > Pending Out Wire

As a good rule of thumb it is ideal that the Pending Wire Out bucket is always at 0. If the number is larger than 0 it will indicate that an order has not been sent properly.

If there are order that have been called out or sent through another service you should update the orders so they are no longer pending.


  1. Orders that appear in the Pending Wire-Out Bucket that were called out or sent through another wire service after rejection can be marked as "Phoned Out". Click on the order number and from the Order Overview Page click "Manage Order". Select 'Set as Phoned Out (Delivered)'.
  2. Enter the Fulfilling Shop Information. Once complete hit 'Set as Phoned-Out (Delivered)' button. 
  3. The order will be removed from the Pending Wire Out screen and will now appear in the 'Phoned Out' tab.

Note:  Using this option will mark an order as "Phoned-Out"; Order will be removed from the Pending Out Wire bucket. 

Review POS







Review Customer List

Menu Path: 

My Customers > Customer  Management

When was the last time you look at your customer list and reviewed who keeps you in business? Now is a great time to review your customers and reach out to those that shop with you frequently to say thanks and remind those who haven't purchased in a while to visit again soon!

You can also add customer notes to improve customer service. Simply pull up an customer, edit and add custom general account, product or payment notes. Take your customer service to the next level by personalizing the order taking process.