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Black Roses

Looking to incorporate a new modern style into your storefront? Black roses are a great twist on the traditional beauty of a rose. They are a dark form of the elegance found from a timeless rose. Although its beauty is evident, the black rose’s lifespan is shortened due to the dye’s manipulation. It is a unique and mysterious option that is best offered when requested due to the shortened lifespan. 

To no surprise, the freedom rose tops the charts as the number one rose in America. With its beautiful texture and hot style, it sells out quickly, especially for the customers looking to send something romantic to their significant other.  

Dyed blue on the outside and black on the tops, black roses are a great option for the customer looking to send something unique. It is easily a topic for conversation when black roses are used as the focus of a flower arrangement. Although it is nearly impossible to stock, it is a great flower to promote during Halloween or for an alternative to the traditional Valentine’s Day rose.  

Offer black roses’ unique style to the nontraditional customers. Manipulate this flower to create the look you want. Show off your style and modern taste with black roses. Not commonly seen, have everyone that comes into your shop wondering if they are fake or real. If you are looking to make a statement, black roses are a great option. Change it up and have everyone talking with black roses in your shop! 

To learn more on black roses, see Floriology Institute for this week's #DesignTime.