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Beyond Halloween

Beyond Halloween

Can you believe that Halloween is just two weeks away and then the holiday season begins for most of us florists. So, by now all your holiday planning should be complete and you must run through your checklist and make sure all the items on your plan have been taken care of.


Remind the staff that the holiday schedule will be in effect shortly. Please keep the Owner / Manager  aware of any schedule problems in advance and all requests for time-off should be limited to employee’s death with a two-week notice preferred (only kidding) but let the staff know how important it is to be here and be flexible as we may have some late nights.


Make sure the vehicle(s) are ready, oil changes, tires or their rotations are schedule before the holiday run. A vehicle that is in the shop can't be used and can delay delivering orders for the duration of that time. Consider having a back-up vehicle or rental available in case the worst happens during this holiday season.

Computer Systems

Once the Holiday season starts, it may not be a good idea to install or institute any new changes or programs that have not be fully tested or the staff is not fully trained on the new program. Printers, Supplies, and Forms should already be in the store, enough to get you through the next 60-90 days.

These are just three areas you can look at, but as a shop owner and or manager you will come up with other areas to review.


Remember Murphy’s Law – Whatever could happen, will happen, at the worst possible time.

So, Prepare for Murphy, and make this Holiday season a success!