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Become a Photo Phenom

Successful posting of floral images to your website, social media or even online design competitions begins with exceptional photography. You spend a lot of time making your designs look beautiful, and great photographs can really showcase your work.  

Keep in mind that there are several factors to consider in creating top-notch photos of your designs, including optimal lighting, multiple angles and image file size. 


The range between the brightest item in the image and the darkest is described as quality of light. Have you ever taken a photograph of a multi-color arrangement and the light-colored flowers run together while the darker flowers look almost black? Too much light can wash out the colors and not enough light can leave you with blurry images, shadows or flowers that are completely the wrong color. 



It is important to pay attention to the direction of light; this is exactly what it sounds like. If you light the design with just an on-camera flash you will get shadows. By using multiple sources of light coming from different directions, you can alleviate shadow problems. Try placing one light from above and lights on either side to eliminate the shadows. An on-camera flash, in conjunction with the other lights, can also help fill in the details while helping to get rid of the shadows. 



The right type of lighting is also important. From natural sunlight to incandescent lights to diffused lighting – it can all affect the way the image turns out. Natural sunlight always produces the truest colors in the images. Diffused light is a soft light that does not cause glare or shine harshly on the design; this is achieved by bouncing the light source off a white wall, backdrop, ceiling or an umbrella. It can also be done by placing the design in a light tent.    



The use of a cell phone versus a digital camera will depend on what you are doing with the photos. By investing in a good camera, the image size will be achieved for printed publication. However, if you are only posting the images to social media or a website, a good camera phone will suffice. According to Columbia University Visual Media Center, an image to be used for publication in a printed format should be in the range of 6 MB to 10 MB and for websites and social media the image should be in the 20 KB to 200 KB range. 



Another very important aspect of quality photography is the direction of the photograph. In online competitions or when asking for critique of your work, it is important to show the design from all angles. A frontal image that focuses more on the flowers than the container is achieved by shooting at a slightly downward angle. Continue with both sides and the back of the arrangement. Finally, an image from above should also be included. By showing each of these directions, the viewer can get a feel for all of the principles and elements of your design. 


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