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Beauty and Value, Optimized

Utilizing cushions, daisies, and mums to add texture and creative flair to today’s designs.

Today’s floral trends continue to span the gamut from loose, over-sized, freestyle clean, compact, textural styles. The need to be budget-conscious, while emphasizing value, is also a consumer trend.

As retail and specialty florists, the demand to find a clear path to address these trends drives us to fall back on some of the more economical fresh flowers to fill in the space of more prominent flowers and foliages. This will provide the needed value by focusing on our artistic ability to utilize the focal area for flowers that are considered upscale in the retail market – while also adding color, volume and/or texture to complete the form and create positive space.

This is not really a new trend for florists as these styles have played an important role in our history for a long time. However, I find that at times we have to look to techniques that we have put to the side or recall them for use in a different way to provide function and value. Basing techniques and multi-stem insertions such as chrysanthemums find a way into many styles that remain popular. Garden, romantic, hand-wrapped bouquets, as well as free form, architectural and high style designs, can find a use for some type of cushion, daisy or mum. If we think about how we use these approaches we can see ways for the economical utility flower to provide options in many of today’s arrangements

  • In this design, the compact, textural, rectangle wooden box complements a clean, cool design that enables the artist to utilize the technique of layering color below beautiful orchids and foliage as a focal point...and the viewer’s eye is guided in such a way that it sees only texture and high-end florals.
  • Look to this style for a focus on grouping, clustering, and zoning as a favorite for accent designs and updated long-lasting florals. The hydrangea and eryngium add a trendy look while the daisies and cushions add texture and color.
  • Gluing or pinning a small button mum into a gerbera daisy has been used on many occasions and for so many styles. With the market trend today calling for whimsy and fun, we often look to the playfulness of gerbera daisies. 
  • By thinking outside the box, we can take a party design to the next level by gluing floral products to the outside of the vase. We pull the color and floral down the front of the vase and add interest with the texture. Here we removed some of the petals to better fit the flower head to the curve of the vase. While orchids and fuji mums are used in the design, you could easily replace them with any style of florals you are looking to include.

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