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Basic Video Editing (Part 3)

Movie Maker, iMovie and Adobe Premiere Pro are three editing softwares that can help you build your video editing skills. The more you use it, the larger the range of business marketing techniques become available.

Movie Maker and iMovie are the most basic softwares when beginning your basic video editing skills. Adobe Premiere Pro is a step up on developing those skills. It is very user friendly. While a beginner can use Adobe Premiere Pro so can an expert. It gives the user a foundation to grow along with.

Final Cut Pro is another video editing software that the user can start grow from. Final Cut Pro gives you the option of importing video projects straight from iMovie for IOS. Like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro gives the user a wide range of options.

Practice makes perfect applies just as much to video editing as anything else. Growing technology means growing opportunity. YouTube is a great resource for expanding your video editing skills. It has anything from beginner level tutorials to information for advanced editors.

Between YouTube and personal use, you can advance your video editing skills on your own and relatively quickly. It takes patience, but this skill will help you widen the horizon of marketing for your business.

The best advice that can be given when marketing with video is to keep videos concise and grab the user's attention right off the bat. In a world of here and now, if it doesn’t grab your attention quick, you're probably going to scroll right passed.

Hopefully, you can take something away from this three-part series on basic video editing. The world of video is advancing. If you don't keep up with it, you'll get left behind. When learning how to edit video, it is important to not get discouraged. Remember everyone starts off as a beginner. Don't get intimidated.

The only way people become advanced in video editing is by investing time into it. Trial and error is very relevant regarding video editing. Once you start to learn, video editing becomes fun. It is an art form.

Just make sure to save your projects along the way, nothing is worse than losing a project you have spent a lot of time editing. Take it from someone who has done it a lot; it is the worst.

Good Luck and happy editing!