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Basic Video Editing (Part 1)

Marketing your brand is a constant battle. Technology is rapidly changing, and the consumer wants their product fast while remaining convenient. Most importantly, it must maintain the attention of the person using it. While most people don’t want to spend much money on a product or service, most of the people using it are willing to pay extra for what they want! 

If you want your business to prosper, it is important to market through social media because everything is rapidly changing. Social media is convenient, and it maintains many consumers' attention. However, it isn't enough to just use social media. You must use it right. 

Video is one important aspect of social media usage. Social media is constantly updating, and new content is frequently being added. Your job is to aim to grasp the user's attention for at least three seconds. If you can get the consumer to stop for three seconds, long enough for them to see your product, you have won the first battle. From there, you must maintain it long enough to get your message across. 

Video is one way to do just that. It caters to one of the five senses... sight. When people have something to watch, it maintains their attention longer. Anyone can create a video. Cell phones have opened the door to let anyone and everyone become a photographer. While filming has become an available skill, the process of editing video is not as commonly known.  

For those just beginning to learn how to edit videos, I would recommend starting with one of the two basic video editing softwares: Movie Maker or iMovie. These programs are easy to learn and are used by people with minimal technological skills.  

There really is no excuse. Movie Maker and iMovie are free! That's right... free! Movie Maker is simple and self-explanatory. However, there are only so many options when editing with Movie Maker. It is the perfect editing software to make family movies, slideshows or just to learn basic video editing.  

iMovie is a more advanced version of Movie Maker. It has a range of sound effects, music, themes, transitions, and minor adjustments. However, the people that use it are limited because iMovie is only available on Apple products. 

If iMovie is available to you, I would recommend starting to learn how to edit with it. You have more options, and it can help you advance in your editing skills. However, if Movie Maker is the only available software you have, it will get the job done.  

Learning how to edit video and incorporating video work into your social networking will not only get you ahead in your brand's marketing, but it also expands where you can bring your business.