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Basic Video EditingĀ (Part 2)

Incorporating video into your business' marketing approach is essential because of social media's rapid growth. It is a major component of social interaction. It connects the user and the business.  

While Movie Maker and iMovie are great structures to begin building your foundation of video editing skills. More advanced video editing software branch off these basic systems.  

The Adobe Premiere Pro software is a great advanced video editing software. Premiere opens a wide range of opportunities when editing video. 

If you are beginning the transition between Movie Maker or iMovie to Premiere, don't be afraid to play around in the system. Premiere has a wide variety of options regarding transitions, color variations and touch up options.  

You can either upload your raw files or drag and drop them in. Double click which file you would like to cut, and it will be moved up on your screen. After you begin playing your video, you will need to press the letter I and the letter O to choose where you want the video to begin and end. The (I)ns and (O)uts of the video can be done multiple times. With every in and out, you'll need to drag and drop them onto the timeline. 

The video will start on the far left. Unless you want your video to start in all black, drag your file to the far left or .00 on the timeline. The replay will begin above the timeline on the screen. Make sure you have selected the correct box. Whichever one is outlined in blue is the one that is selected.  

Your video transitions, color and audio effects are all lined above the boxes on your screen. The effects section is the best place to begin exploring some of the wide varieties Premiere has to offer.  

If you are wanting to expand your marketing in business, consider investing into Adobe or Creative Cloud Systems. It gives you the opportunity to create advanced quality photos and videos. If you are interested in purchasing Premiere Pro or other Adobe Systems go to Creative Cloud's website. They do have discounts for anyone with a student email.