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Artistic Expression

Local Artisan Design Workshops showcase the imagination and creativity of floral designers from across the country

Each year, hosts a number of Local Artisan Design Workshops at the company’s headquarters in Carle Place, New York – bringing together select groups of florists from across the country to discuss trends, share ideas and collaborate with the product development and merchandising teams.

            As part of these Workshops, florists use their creativity and design expertise to develop unique product concepts for seasonal and everyday occasions. Exceptional designs are selected to become part of the Local Artisan Collection, and the arrangements become available for sale nationwide.

            “The Local Artisan Design Workshop is one of our signature programs for bringing constant innovation to our product assortment,” says Valerie Ghitelman, Vice President, Product Development and Design, “Each arrangement featured in the Local Artisan Collection is a reflection of the design expertise, imagination and local flair that are hallmarks of the thousands of talented florists we work with in communities across the country.”

            In April, a Local Artisan Design Workshop was held featuring the creative ideas and imaginative floral designs of five highly talented florists. Those florists included: Doreen Gordy and her daughter Chelsea Gordy from Bloomers of Tomball in Tomball, Texas; Phyllis Rega from Phyl’s Flowers in Stratford, Conn.; Carrie South from Bloomin’ Genius in Greensburg, Pa.; and Sophie Clary from David’s Flowers & Gifts in Midwest City, Okla.

            I truly enjoyed every aspect of our trip to New York…the experience was simply awesome,” says Doreen. It was “fantastic” states Chelsea. “Having free range to create whatever I wanted and use whatever I wanted was splendid.” When asked what she enjoys most about being a floral designer, Doreen explains, “I love being able to create unique designs for every occasion in peoples’ lives… flowers bring joy and smiles to everyone who sends and receives them! “Chelsea adds, “I enjoy working with all the colors, textures and containers. In this industry the options are endless. No matter the occasion, flowers are always needed and they speak a language of their own.”

            Phyllis describes her participation in the Workshop as “wonderful, from start to finish…very interesting to see first-hand how things work behind the scenes.” She points out that throughout the Workshop, the team’s “attention to detail was fantastic.” And what does Phyllis like most about being a floral designer? “Having the ability to bring smiles to people,” she says.

            Carrie states that her experience at the Workshop “was amazing…we were able to meet many people from different departments and we bounced ideas off of each other.” As for what she enjoys most about being a floral designer, it’s helping to create lasting recollections for her customers. “I love being a part of some of the most important memories of a person’s life,” she states.

            Sophie exclaims, “I had a great time at the Local Artisan Design Workshop…we enjoyed each other’s company and made new friends.” As for what she loves about being a floral designer, she mentions that in many cases she has served the same customers and their families for 35 years. “I’ve helped them celebrate weddings, funerals, birthdays and births,” she says. Sophie especially enjoys seeing the look on a bride’s face when “she didn’t think she could have dreamed the flowers would be so beautiful…these are the things that make you smile at the end of a hard day.”