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AIFD Portfolio Book Project

The American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD) is happy to present their first ever AIFD Portfolio book project. The institute has joined forces with Wildflower.Media to produce a comprehensive look at AIFD members’ styles.  

Members are encouraged to send in a collection or portfolio of photos that could potentially be featured in the book. Chosen members will have their work showcased in the book. All the incredible work and artistry will be enjoyed by readers everywhere.  

The portal for online submissions opened on August 1st and closes on October 27th at midnight. Participants can send in 5-10 floral pieces in their portfolio. Each piece should include 3-5 pictures showing how the design was created, and all these never-before published photos should be of high-resolution.  

There are three categories in which you can submit.The first one is Botanical Art. This means a floral artistic expression. The next category is Floral Couture, which is wearable floral art. The final category is Life’s Moments. This can include pieces done for weddings, cultural events and any other special occasion.  

Members can find the submission form at More information is found at There will be around 20-25 people featured in the book. Only the first 100 submissions will be accepted, so if you wait too long you will not be able to send in your work. Each piece will be evaluated based on creativity, originality, principles and elements of design, mechanics and the overall quality of the photographs. 

The book will be released at the 2020 Vision AIFD National Symposium in Chicago. The symposium, “Vision for Artistic Floristry,” will run from July 2-7. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity. Show off your skills and submit your work today! 

For an in-depth explanation on this project, join Floriology Institute’s Jackie Lacey, President of AIFD, for Design Time. 


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