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Adding Design Curve

Stay up with the trends or got lost behind them. In order to cater to today’s market, it is vital to keep flower arrangements both clean and modern. Simplicity is an on-going trend.  In order to exceed, your shop must be willing to shape itself according to new trends and new markets. Take those flat arrangements and spice it up with a more modern look.

One simple way to transform a flat arrangement is to angle the flowers out to form a distinct design curve.Work around the arrangement from all angles to see where you can improve. These simple improvements can bring much greater value to the product. Always pay attention to depth. Fill your flower arrangements out. Don’t spend more on product. Placement can transform a flower arrangement without thinning out your profit. Less is more if you do it right.

Surface area is important when giving a design curve. Capture and cover all those empty areas. Your customers want the most they can get from their dollar- as do you. Let the product work for you. Don’t force something where it shouldn’t be. Take some time, move them around and see where it fills out best.

To learn more about adding design curve, head over to Floriology Institute for this week’s #DesignTime.