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5 Tips for Holiday Staffing

If you do not have a staffing plan in place for the Christmas holiday season, today is a good day to start!

The month of November is typically the start of your business volume to start increasing and after Thanksgiving (November 23, 2017), the holiday push for 32 days before Santa comes to town. Let’s look at our staffing, determine our needs, plan for staffing, and getting the personnel on board and getting them trained. December Sales volume for most florists is twice as much as a normal month, so in theory, you will have to work twice as hard unless you get additional staff.


Is your shop going to extend the hours or days that you are going to be open, or expanding your delivery area to cover the increase in deliveries? One or both items will force you to bring on some holiday help.


Look at your current staff, are there staff that is only part-time that you can give them more hours or days to help with peak times. Normally, you are not that lucky and need to recruit some “Seasonal Help”. Sometimes you can get Family or Friends to help, and that we great if you can.


Put a sign on the shop, “Seasonal Help Wanted”, with the attitude that you are always hiring because you never know when that diamond in the rough will appear looking for a job. Next, put a sign in the delivery van for Drivers / Sales Clerk for the holiday. Next, try the local postings like Craigslist.

My experience is to always post what you are willing to pay, that will eliminate all other responses requiring $20 an hour.


Once you have hired the staff you need, draw up a checklist of tasks you expect them to be able to do and provide training and “Cheat Sheets” to help them remember. For those staff that you require them to use your POS system, make sure they have the basic computer skills like is it on, using the mouse and keyboard.


During the 3 major holidays, at my shop, we brought in “Contract Driver” to help make deliveries. Contract Drivers were independent contractors and used their own vehicle (hopefully a van or SUV) and are paid by delivery. We paid $7.00 a delivery. At the end of the year, the contract driver would receive a 1099 form. We would have a copy of their driver’s license and insurance card. One issue that has come up recently is whether the driver in on a registered offender list and you may not want to send any contract drivers to schools or child care facilities.