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5 Social Media Tools You Need for 2020

5 Social Media Tools You Need for 2020  

From Zoom meetings to online grocery shopping, COVID-19 has forced consumers into a virtual world. Although it’s been an adjustment, many have noticed increased productivity in their everyday lives.  

The pandemic has changed the way we behave and will continue to change the system for living with the time being. We have learned that shopping via Amazon is easier, skipping the drive to work saves time and so much more. When our day-to-day returns to what was “normal,” digital media will remain constant.    

Take hold of the opportunity to educate yourself on these changes in society and optimize your returns. Let’s focus on social media and break down some of the top five social media tools that make this integration a smooth process.   

  1. Unsplash  

If getting content for your social media platforms has been a struggle, Unsplash may be a great option for you. Unsplash is a library of free designs, photos and videos that you can use on your social. Not only is this content free, but the content is of high quality. With Unsplash, your pages will always be polished and professional.   

  1. Canva  

Now that you have your content, you need a way to edit your posts. With hundreds of templates to choose from, you can create stunning graphics within minutes. Canva does have free content, but when you pay a $12.95 monthly subscription; you get access to the entire database and other premium collaboration tools.   

  1. Buffer  

Once your content is edited and ready, it needs to be uploaded. With Buffer, you can schedule out content on all major social media platforms. This program allows you to create a posting schedule, reply to posts within the site, grant team members access and much more. Buffer gives you an efficient way to share content on your pages, without switching between accounts and worrying about manual uploads.   

  1. Google Trends  

What about content strategy? Google Trends is a free tool that allows anyone to discover what topics are currently trending. With their keyword feature, you can also analyze what keywords are doing best and how they rank compared to other keywords. This information can highlight what you should be posting and how to best tag your content.    

  1. Buzzsumo  

Lastly, Buzzsumo is the perfect tool for analyzing your social media data. With an abundance of traffic tools, you will be able to improve your marketing strategy to your target audience. Not only can you check your performance, but you can analyze your competitor's performance as well. Buzzsumo is a powerful tool, allowing you to market efficiently.   

Use your time at home to research social media tools and understand the mark! It is crucial to being successful in times like these. Let us know how these tools work for you by tagging us on Instagram @floriologyinstitute.