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5 Important Findings from the Millennial Perception of Flowers Study

Millennials have a different perception of flowers than previous generations

Want to remain a vibrant business over the next 5-10 years? Although Baby Boomers are still your bread and butter, you'll need to start reaching out to Millennials for the dollars they are expected to pour into the marketplace.

Floriology Institute is collaborating the the American Floral Endowment (AFE), to present data from their 2016 Millennial Marketing Tactics Study. Here are some snippets and analysis of Millennial's perception of flowers -- check out the following graph:

millennials perception of flowers

Our take:

  1. there is great opportunity among millennials since they do have a good perception of flowers.

However, we do see some areas for concern:

  1. Millennial's lack of care and handling knowledge which feeds their belief that flowers don't last

  2. their understanding that artistically designed flowers are expensive -- even though they appreciate the work that goes into them

  3. the perception of flowers as "traditional" instead of hip.

  4.  flowers are not millennial's primary gift choice but instead a default "safe" gift.

As we'll cover in future blog posts, florists have a great opportunity to be the floral style expert, care, and handling guru, and provide consumers with floral gifts at various price points. Stay tuned for more research and practical solutions on how to marketing to this growing market segment.

You can download the full study by clicking the button below:

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