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4 Florist Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

When you own a flower shop, you are not just competing against other florists, you are competing against department stores; needless to say, this is no easy business to run. With the world moving to online resale, it is important to “win” in the digital marketing world.  

However, building your presence online can be overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve tried some tactics, such as posting on social media, but you haven’t seen any results. Don’t worry. With the right direction and plan, you can use the internet to boost your sales significantly.  

Let’s look at the top five marketing tips to help you stay ahead of the game and increase your revenue. 


  1. Create a Visually Appealing (and Functional) Website. 

Before promoting your business, it’s crucial to develop a landing page for your marketing efforts; this will be the first thing your potential customers see. 

Your eCommerce platform should contain the following: 

  • Professional photos of your products, making a positive first impression of your arrangements. 

  • A format that is simple to navigate and easy to understand.   

  • Availability on mobile platforms. 

BloomNet offers website development to keep tasks off of your shoulders. Not only will you have time to focus on floral designs, but you will see a vast increase in retail and online sales.   


  1. Grow Your Social Media Presence. 

After creating your website, it’s time to build your virtual presence through social media.   

Social media is a terrific place to connect with your customers and network with potential ones. As a flower shop, you have ample opportunity to grow your business through social media—especially through Facebook.  

Facebook is a visual platform, giving you a great outlet to prompt your designs and creativity.   

While sharing your photos, you can repurpose the client’s post. When your customers tag you in photos, which feature your designs, they promote your company and give you perfect content to repost.   

In addition, when people react to your post on Facebook, that post shows up in their News Feed. Anyone who likes your content automatically brings exposure to your product—it is a win-win! People like to engage with the brands they love, and social media provides that connection. 

If you feel overwhelmed on where to begin, we’ve got your back. Floriology Institute offers Social Media Management services, provided by their social media specialists.  

Their Premium Social Media package allows specialists to work with you to develop social posts based on your shop's promotions/events, trending topics and much more! They will also engage with your current followers while introducing your brand to new ones. 

Request a FREE consolation today! 


  1. Invest in Social Media Marketing and Google Ads. 

One of the best advantages of social media is that you can show potential clients your beautiful arrangements. Instead of simply talking about what you do, you have the chance to capture people’s attention, which is a considerable advantage in the floral industry.  

With billions of people using social media, one post can exponentially increase your traffic— imagine what additional marketing could do.  

Social media management gives you free, organic traffic, whereas paid marketing promotes your company to a specific target audience. Whether you are promoting on Google or social media, these ads will be seen where you want them.  

For example, Facebook offers many paid search tactics; however, you have to choose which tactic is best for your brand.  

Perhaps your targeting people who’ve been on your socials or website before; in this case, you’d want to compile a list of people who converted on your website and develop a target audience with similar characteristics.  

If your goal is to retarget the people who already love what you provide, Facebook targeting is the tool for you.  

When you apply organic marketing (social media) through paid ads, you will develop one of the most effective sales methods.  

As a florist, your time is devoted to other areas. In addition to Floriology's Social Media Management services, they provide Search Engine Marketing (SEM) at your convenience!  

Their SEM specialists will create Google Ads specific to your business, protecting your brand from local and national competitors. They will also work to ensure optimized ad spend, so you can get the most bang for your buck. 

If these tools interest you, you can request a FREE consultation


  1. Connect with Floral Partnerships. 

One of the main goals with social media is to develop a connection with your customers, so why stop with an online presence? When you partner with other local, complementary businesses, you open yourself up for many potential clients.  

From funeral home directors to wedding planners and catering companies, it is apparent that many events need flowers. If you are connected to these local organizations, you can set yourself up for many profitable gigs.  

Before taking this approach, your reputation needs to be spotless. Network with complementary businesses in the area, so they know to refer others to you.   

Once you have these partnerships, don’t forget to refer them to your clients as well, even if they haven’t referred you yet. If you give partnering businesses clients, they will be likely to refer you for their next floral-necessary event.  

Try researching other competitors in your area and see if they are partnered with complementary companies. If you notice a market with need, be the first florist to fill that role! 


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 We look forward to seeing you flower shop blossom!