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3 Ways to Use Facebook LIVE to Promote Your Shop for Mother's Day

Have you ever done a Facebook LIVE – either personally or professionally?

Social media has opened the door to a world-wide audience; meaning it has also brought about its own form of complications when it comes to online marketing. Since this is available to anyone, you are now competing with every flower shop, grower and Big Box store in your area.

Keep this in mind, as you are prepping your social strategy for Mother’s Day. You need to not only narrow down your audience but brainstorm ways to differentiate your content from others in your clientele's news feed.

You are in luck, as bringing your timeline a-LIVE is easier than ever when you utilize these 3 ways to use Facebook LIVE to promote your shop for Mother’s Day and throughout the year.

1.) Meet the Team.

What better way to use Facebook LIVE than to allow customers to meet your team? Mother’s Day is about connecting people with the mother figures who mean so much to them. Consider talking with your employees about starring in your shop’s Facebook LIVE.

Take your viewers on an introductory session. Talk with your employees about their favorite memories with their mothers, ask them about a woman who has impacted their life or better yet, talk with the employees who are mothers. Open the dialogue in a fun and lighthearted way.

This not only puts faces to your shop’s name, but it is a not-so-subtle yet real way to stand out socially. Plus, it is a great opportunity to plug a reminder in for viewers to shop ahead to ensure their mom feels special on Mother’s Day.

2.) Conduct a Question and Answer (Q & A).

Good social posts draw in viewers and gets them to interact. This makes Facebook LIVE ideal when conducting a Q & A. Doing a Q & A, Facebook LIVE a few weeks ahead of the holiday will give you the chance to answer any questions your consumers may have.

Consider offering them incentives for ordering early, promote “One of a Kind” Bouquets insisting that each unique design will represent mom and show off any fun or unique designs you have around the shop. The sky truly is the limit.

3.) Tour Your Cooler/Designs.

#BehindTheScenes is a popular concept across all social platforms. There is something intriguing about seeing what goes on behind what first meets the eye. Doing a Facebook LIVE to showcase your traditional Mother’s Day arrangements, some examples of “One of a Kind”

Designs and a walk through of your cooler and design room is a fun #BTS concept we can all get “behind.”

Time is but an allusion when you live in a world focused on instant gratification and have a constant resource at the tip of your fingers. With Mother’s Day on the horizon, it is crucial to make moves to help differentiate an already flooded online marketplace.

For a full list of Helpful holiday tips, reference our 2021 Mother’s Day & Spring Planning Guide and follow us @bloomnet for continued educational resources