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3 Tips for Supporting Your Sympathy Sales Business

casket spray on a coffin

When I started in the flower business some 25 years ago, every morning I went to the obituary section of the daily newspaper to see how busy the shop was going to be. Back then, we had a small ad in the obituary section of the newspaper, but newspapers are losing their readership and have replaced by online services.

How do you reach out to the grieving family members today?

1. Leave some materials at the funeral home

Make sure that every funeral home in your town has some of your business cards and maybe a sympathy guide with your prices. Family members will be trying to make plans for all details of the service while meeting with the funeral director, so a sympathy guide is a good item to have handy.



2. Don’t forget the churches


Reach out to the office staff at all the churches and remind them that your shop does excellent sympathy work. Always leave them something to remind them of you, like a small bud vase for their desk.  Sometimes you can get your name on the church bulletin if you are providing the altar arrangements on Sunday.




3. Set up a sympathy area at your shop

If your shop is large enough for a small table and some chairs, you can place a couple of sympathy guides for the family to view and make a selection. Make sure that the guide has prices that you charge or a statement explaining the price range your arrangements start at. A box of tissues is always a nice touch.

Remember – your work speaks volumes about you and your shop, and everyone gets to see your arrangements during viewings. Providing excellent sympathy work honors the deceased, comforts the family, and can help your business establish a solid reputation.